HBS Alumni Forum Services


“My Forum experience with other Sloan Fellows has made me both a better leader and a better person. The ability to share experiences and benefit from peers who have my interests in mind is invaluable. My forum experience has also substantially enhanced my business school alumni experience.”

Jeff Behrens (Sloan Fellow)

“Forum has helped me in business in many ways.  It’s been a terrific resource for those hard multi-faceted decisions that involve money and markets but also people and reputation.  Forum training has also given me an additional set of communication skills around listening and getting to the core of an issue inside the company and with customers and vendors.”

John Macomber (YPO Member)

“The insights, openness, and wisdom of my Alumni Forum have influenced me greatly since I joined about a year ago, and I won't soon forget their comments, life philosophies, and impactful experiences.”

David Moeller (HBS Alumni Forum member)

“My forum goes far beyond just a group of people who share stories and meet once a month.  It is a sanctuary, a place where I am free to be myself, free to express my rawest thought and emotions and not be judged, and continually feel the support of all my group members in any and all situations.”

Anonymous Forum member

“The higher you go in a leadership role, the fewer opportunities you have to lean on peers for deliberation and problem solving, but continued success depends on it. If you have no other agenda than to reciprocally offer help and support, you will be amazed at how receptive others will be.”

Rick Smith, Entrepreneur and CNN commentator